Saturday, August 13, 2011

Salamander with eggs

Here is Mama Salamander looking after her eggs! Though most of the animation will be hand-painted in Photoshop, some close-ups may combine my altered photos with my hand-painted digital images. Ultimately it will depend on which styles work best together, for a seamless and consistent effect.

In Photoshop I drew three eggs, duplicating, reversing, and otherwise adjusting them to give variety. I left some areas unpainted, some semi-transparent, to ensure a translucent quality.

This photo I'd taken of a dead log worked well for the background. It had that moist look salamanders laying eggs out of water need. I eventually made several alterations to ensure it merged well with my drawings.

The salamander began with an ink drawing scanned into Photoshop. I used Photoshop painting tools to create a color rough over the line drawing.

First, I made ink storyboard drawings. Liking the textures in this scene, I chose it for one of my first color roughs.

The animated movie will accompany lectures by a college biography professor, illustrating "ring evolution". The salamanders and their environment do not represent any particular species or area, but are generic.

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© Lucy A. Synk 2011