Monday, May 25, 2015

Ken's Fruit Market Project possible layout

I get too enthusiastic about Photoshop, and must move along to InDesign! Here are some possible layouts for the ad. I really liked the idea of putting a background image behind the items. However, I realize it might make the page too cluttered, detracting attention away from the products.

I am happy with how the versions of the logo and other images are working together into the headings. May find another place to put the image of Ken's fruit market, maybe as another heading to add variety, rather than just duplicating the original on each page.

Ken's InDesign Project adjusted photos & logo

Here are some photos I've adjusted for the ad. Removed labels from the apples, background removed from the bread, and combined elements from some of Ken's ads and the little girl's photo to create a new headline for one of the pages.

Ken's InDesign Project photos

Some of the photos I took at Ken's for possible use in the InDesign ad, plus a photo my sister-in-law Theresa had taken of pumpkins. I will be doing a good bit of Photoshop work on them before placing them in InDesign. I've decided to make the ad for Autumn sale.

I will be doing some cropping to focus on specific products, and removing signs and some labels. 

Ken's Fruit Market InDesign Project

To improve my skills, and to practice what I've learned in my InDesign class, I got permission from Ken's Fruit Market to make a mock advertisement for their store. The images above I obtained from their Facebook site, and will be using Photoshop and InDesign tools to adapt them.

This will be a four-page document- like a big ad in a newspaper. Ken was kind enough to give me permission to take photos of the store and merchandise. Some samples of those photos will be in the next post.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Building a Castle Part 2

Using the clone tool, I eliminated the obvious modern spotlights, then duplicated the only existing roof, adjusting the size and shape for other portions of the building on a separate layer. Keeping all such changes on different layers prevents damaging the image, and allows room for adjusting size, placement, etc.

On yet more layers, I repaired the top of the walls, and got rid of the worst of the cracks. Using other photos, I added rougher plants so the lawn wouldn’t be too perfect, and an edge for the moat. I masked out the sky, and adjusted grass colors.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Building a Castle Part 1

Inspired by lesson 9, “Water: moats and reflections” in How to Cheat in Photoshop, I decided to recreate how this York tower may have looked when it was in use.

Scanning my original photo at a large size, and high resolution, gave me lots of pixels to work with. I duplicated the original image on another layer, so I still have the original to go back to if needed. I then hid the original layer so it won't get confused with the changes.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 to dust off this blog and get posting again! I've been really busy working at Home Depot while taking a few more classes at Grand Rapids Community College to refine my digital skills. I am now job-hunting like crazy! Looking for either full-time work, or long-term contract work.

To start, here is the mid-term I did for my InDesign class. I had taken InDesign years before, but needed to get the rust out, and update my skills for the Creative Cloud version. Only the logo and photos of products were supplied, with a photo of the final look we were to create. It demonstrates my abilities to format text, use text and graphic frames, and interface InDesign with Photoshop, among other skills.