Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wetlands Mural

 © Taylor Studios 2010

Wetlands Mural, acrylic on wood, for Nescopeck State Park in Pennsylvania, on sub-contract to 
Taylor Studios. It will be part of a diorama. Click on image to enlarge.

© Taylor Studios 2012

Close up of the Great Blue Heron

Woodlands Mural

 © Taylor Studios 2012

Woodland mural in acrylic on wood for Nescopeck State Park in Pennsylania on sub-contract to Taylor Studios. It is designed to blend in with a diorama in front of it.
Click on image to enlarge.

©Taylor Studios 2012

A close-up of the black bears 

Meadow Mural

    ©Taylor Studios 2012

This is a meadow mural I just finished as a sub-contract for Taylor Studios. It is part of a diorama for Nescopeck State Park in Pennsylvania. Acrylic on wood. The wacky looking bird in the upper right hand corner is a woodcock. And yes, some of the plants are wrong for the season, but the client wanted them in for identification.

   ©Taylor Studios 2012

 Here's a close-up of the deer, a field sparrow, and purple cone flowers.

                                       ©Taylor Studios 2012

                  Here's a close-up of a light-phase red tail hawk. (Upper left corner of mural)


Monday, July 16, 2012

fun with scanning

 A while back I discovered that I can put flattish objects in my scanner for interesting results. This is a slab of "fossilized" dried, cracked mud. It is pretty neat looking by itself, with the patterns made by the cracks, but I thought I'd see what else I could do with it in Photoshop.
The first thing I did was duplicate my favorite section of it, then copy and paste them to create this new pattern. I really like it, it reminds me of fractals! I wasn't finished yet though, and tried some more things.
 Among other things I tried, I inverted the image. Wow! Now it looks like ice! Maybe some kind of abstract colored window! Though this was neat, I didn't stop there.
I played with color, contrast, and gradients. I really like this effect, like the sun shining through a window made of amethyst! Looking forward to trying out other effects, and seeing what use I can put it to in a finished illustration!

All images © Lucy A. Synk 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Looking for a black cat.

I came up with this image in response to a similar, but much more biased one posted on Facebook. This still has a biting edge, but toward a specific area of concern, and in a way that respects many disciplines of learning, including science. Hopefully, there are lots of cat owners out there who will appreciate the wry humor!

The dark rooms with stairs I created in MAYA. I then altered a photo I'd taken of my first cat, Leia, making  her black, and finished the whole thing in Photoshop.