Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Eagle stages of life.

These images are a bit more serious than the last, but also done for Sinnemahoning nature center. They are two in a series featuring the changes a Bald Eagle goes through as it matures. The top image features a mating flight, the bottom, a young eagle about to take its first flight. Again, pen on paper first, then color via Photoshop.  © Taylor Studios

Elk chase cartoon

I don't often get to do cartoons! This one is for Sinnemahoning nature center. It features safety tips when around wildlife. Started off with ink on paper, colored it in with Photoshop.  © Taylor Studios

Donna and Dennis' 2012 Christmas Card

What a fun little project! My sister and brother-in-law asked me to take  their pictures for their Christmas cards. Getting them and their dog just right required more than one shot. I used the best picture of them, added the best image of their dog, did some retouching, softened the background, and added the vignette. Voila! Merry Christmas!