Friday, May 6, 2011

Fright Night remake poster

The semester at Parkland is drawing to a close, and I am seeing some of the fruit of my studies. Two of my pieces made it into the Graphic Arts Student show, this poster was one of them!

It was made in Photoshop, using photos I took of a house near my neighborhood. One photo was at twilight, and the lit window was actually lit in that picture. However, there were too many other lights on, so most of the house is from a picture taken earlier in the day. Multiple effects were used to darken and distort it, giving the image a scary edge. The figure in the window was hand painted using Photoshop's brush tool.

The title font and style was chosen to make it more like the styles currently being used in horror movies. I added the spikes to the letters and kept the arrangement of title and tag line in honor of the original movie.

Horror is not my usual genre, so this was a fun and challenging change of pace.

1 comment:

  1. I really like the spikes on the typography, and the use of red. The figure in the window and the spooky house work well, too. I can easily see why this made it into the student show!